X.        Miscellaneous


            A.        Trial Judges Prejudiced Against Gay Litigants

                        Rucks v. State, Florida District Court of Appeal, 1997

State v. Pattno, Nebraska Supreme Court, 1998

                        Petition of C.M.A., Illinois Appellate Court, 1999


            B.        Jury Selection and Other Criminal Procedure Issues Involving Gay People

                        State v. Lovely, Maine Supreme Judicial Court, 1982

Allen v. State, Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals, 1994

People v. Garcia, California Court of Appeal, 2000


            C.        Impact of Spousal Homosexuality on Heterosexual Marriage Contracts

Woy v. Woy, Missouri Court of Appeals, 1987

R.E.G. v. L.M.G., Indiana Court of Appeals, 1991

Thomas v. Thomas, Virginia Court of Appeals, 1996


            D.        Privacy Rights of Gay People

Plaxico v. Michael, Mississippi Supreme Court, 1999

                        Sterling v. Minersville, U.S. Court of Appeals, Third Circuit, 2000


            E.        Public School Sex Education and Homosexuality

                        Collins v. Faith School District, South Dakota Supreme Court, 1998


            F.        Full Faith and Credit

                        Miller-Jenkins v. Miller-Jenkins, Court of Appeals of Virginia, 2006

                        Adar v. Smith, U.S. Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit, 2011