I.         The Constitutionality of Consensual Sodomy and Related Solicitation Statutes and Their Enforcement Against Gay People


            A.        Sodomy

                        Bowers v. Hardwick, U.S. Supreme Court, 1986

                        Powell v. State, Georgia Supreme Court, 1998

                        Lawrence v. Texas, U.S. Supreme Court, 2003

                        State of Kansas v. Limon, Kansas Supreme Court, 2005


            B.        Solicitation

                        People v. Uplinger, New York Court of Appeals, 1983

                        Baluyut v. Superior Court, California Court of Appeal, 1995

                        Christensen v. State, Georgia Supreme Court, 1996

                        State of Ohio Metroparks v. Lasher, Ohio Court of Appeals, 1999

                        State v. Thompson, Ohio Supreme Court, 2002